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“Real professional outfit throughout the entire process from my loan application to getting funded. All my questions were answered. I’m now in the middle of a multifamily rehab which we are looking to sell within 6 months. And we already have a new deal we need more hard money for.”  

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“My husband and I were rejected by our local bank for financing for a fix and flip project on our street. A friend suggested Jacksonville Hard Money Lenders. They explained everything really clearly. I have no idea that hard money was actually better for us because of how fast we wanted to sell.

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​​”Opted for a residential bridge loan and was impressed with the whole process. I was facing a quick turnaround and the team made it possible. Thank you for allowing me to purchase my dream home.”


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Don’t Let a Lack of Financing Be the Reason…

  • You’re unable to close on a property.
  • Your competitor’s portfolio grows faster than yours.
  • You’re outbid on a deal that will generate you wealth.
  • Your income stagnates. 

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Access to a massive nationwide hard money lender pool​​ for local Jacksonville projects

Over 1,900 hard money loans issued and $500 Million in loans funded​ ​​around Jacksonville, FL

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– Commercial   – Land
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What is a hard money loan?

A hard money loan is a loan backed by a “physical” asset that produces revenue to pay back the loan in a short period of time or more commonly, is sold in order to repay the loan.



Loan terms are usually between 6 months to 3 years. 

​In most cases, loan terms last no longer than 12 months.


Loan terms are usually between 15 to 30 years. 

Secured by the value of a home, apartment block, etc. and is backed by the borrower’s ability to pay back the loan in monthly installations. 

But Why Would Anyone Need to Use a Hard Money Lender?

Hard Money tends to appeal to Jacksonville real estate investors and business owners for four distinct reasons. 


The speed at which funds are made available. Hard money lenders typically loan in under 7 days.


The ability to get loans on properties that banks won’t loan on, often because ‘too much’ rehab work is required than what a bank is willing to accept. Hard Money Lenders love these types of projects.


​The much more flexible (vs bank  financing) and negotiable repayment terms.


Banks and financial institutions will typically stop lending to you when you have upwards of 5-8 current loans. And it doesn’t matter if you’re seeking to work with a new lender who you have not worked with before.

Our Jacksonville based lending advisors are on hand to offer you unbiased advice so that you make an informed decision.


The financing is provided by non-bank financial institutions and private lenders (like us), as opposed to government-regulated financial institutions.

​A Hard money lender basically does what banks do: they loan money, and do it with complete transparency of loan terms that are agreed upfront.

Hard money loans can be a very appealing financing option for those with bad credit or those who are considered high-risk borrowers. And oftentimes hard money loans may be the only financing option.

That said, many people with high credit scores and perfectly good credit history will often prefer to make use of hard money loans for specific transactions and in specific situations. This is because hard money loans provide distinct benefits over traditional bank loans.



If you fall into any of the buckets below, you likely should consider a hard money loan.


Either in order to close on a property in time or for some other situation, then a hard money lender affords you the ability to get capital much faster than bank financing will.




Or a low credit score, then a hard money lender may be the best or even the only financing option available to you.




Or if the banks are unwilling to give you anymore loans, then a hard money lender allows you to secure financing quickly with much less red tape.



Our Jacksonville hard money loan advisors would be happy to spend some time with you to understand your personal situation and the project you are needing financing for. Complete the form on this page or give us a call. 


HARD MONEY LOANS ARE NOT EXECUTED THE SAME WAY​ and not subject to the same red-tape as regular bank financing. 

The amount of time to deploy the capital is decreased considerably.

​Hard money lenders do not normally conduct credit history and credit score checks.

Terms of hard money loans are flexible and negotiable, and can often be worked out between the loan provider and the borrower. The absence of strict loan conditions is a key differentiator to traditional bank financing. The main reason for this is because hard money loans use the property as collateral, more specifically the “ARV” (after repair value).

Don’t Delay Your Projects, Start The Process Now

For those who are not able to secure traditional bank financing either because of bad credit or maybe because of the condition of the property, are able to qualify for hard money loans since the “ARV” of the property the loan is being taken out against is a critical factor in deciding to make a hard money loan. In other words if you are able to present a good investment opportunity, chances are you will get the money you need to close on your deal. 

There is more versatility for the borrower versus traditional bank financing. This can allow the borrower to work out favorable repayment terms that can accommodate their personal financial situation and the specifics of their deal.

Is there more than one type of hard money Loan?


A hard money loan is a hard money loan despite the type of property the cash is secured against. 

Whether the loan is for a flip project or an apartment building the essential characteristics are present, i.e. the cash does not come from a bank, the decision to provide money is not based on credit history or credit rating alone and typically the lending decision is based on the After Repair Value of the property.

Within the industry it is not unusual to categorize different types of hard money loans based on the type of property the money is loaned against.

Hard Money Loans CAN BE Classified AS…

Commericial Bridge loans

When someone acquires a commercial property, it frequently takes time to make necessary enhancements and upgrades required to lease to appropriate tenants.

​A bridge loan is a method of securing the short-term financing required to bridge this time period. Because we are a commercial hard money lender we also offer bridge loans to small business operators who require capital for commercial properties they already own free and clear, or in which they have significant capital.

Residential Bridge Loans

Residential bridge loans are the type of loans that a homeowner gets when they need money from the sale of their existing home to put towards a new home, but they need the money to close on the new home before they have sold their existing home.

​So the bridge loan allows a person to buy a new home before they have the cash, but they will repay back the bridge loan when they sell their existing home.

Fix n’ Flip Hard Money Loans

House flippers and buyers of properties that require purchases to be made completely in cash or hard money. Hard money loans can offer approximately 75%-85% of the purchase cost and cost of rehab. These loans sometimes have no prepayment, which means that borrowers can put the money to work, faster. For Fix and Flip loans (Florida), call the local hard money lenders with access to a nationwide lending pool. 

Residential Rehab Hard Money Loans

A residential rehab loan is used by people who have found a house whose value can be significantly increased after rehab work, and are looking to enjoy the passive income earned as a result of getting tenants and leasing the property at a higher rent thanks to the rehab.

Because of the speed at which funds will be in your bank account, a resi rehab loan will enable you to purchase properties when markets are hot and there is inevitably a lot of competition. 

Buy & Hold Hard Money Loans

Investors who wish to reap the benefits of passive income as a result of rental income can certainly benefit from our buy and hold hard money loans. In a  hot market or when you see a deal  you really like, acting quickly thanks to having liquid cash is vital to close on those deals. 

Our process to apply and get approved can be all done in just a couple of days. This speed of financing puts you in a strong position to negotiate with sellers, especially when you’re competing against people relying on slower, traditional bank financing. 

If you need long term loans, with full or partial amortization over a period of up to 20 years we have loan products for that too.

Cash-Out Refinance Loans

Traditional bank financing has restrictions which prevent many people from being able to refinance their existing mortgage for a higher dollar amount.

​This stops homeowners from being able to leverage the additional equity in their homes to put to purpose elsewhere. On the other hand, hard money cash-out refinance loans are available to anyone who can secure the loan with their residential home or commercial property. 

Airbnb & VRBO Real Estate Hard Money Loans

Airbnb and VRBO rental residential or commercial properties offer a really attractive means of earning passive rental income – in many cases delivering returns much higher than what’s  typically from single-family and multifamily properties. This is due to the premium short term renters are willing to pay.

However, in spite of their enormous earning potential, traditional bank lenders typically refuse to make loans on short-term rentals. We know the value of these financial investments and can supply you with the hard money needed to acquire and rehab residential or commercial properties that have excellent potential for the short-term rental market.

​Many of our team members have their own short term rental properties and  have enjoy great returns for years. They  are happy to talk to  you about their properties and how they have made the most of them. 

LOANS for Distressed Properties Needing Significant Rehab

Distressed residential or commercial properties provide fantastic financial opportunities for both buyers and investors.

​Banks and home owners want to sell these residential or commercial properties fast, and thus will only deal with buyers who have money available. We can provide you with same-day pre-qualification for a hard money loan. Because we are asset based hard money lenders, you can be sure we can loan on your type of rehab project. 

Foreign Real Estate Investor Hard Money Loans

Foreign nationals and residents who come to the U.S. from other nations should not be unable to invest in local real estate. Yet banks make it difficult to secure financing in order to purchase real estate in the United States.
As a hard money broker we strongly believe that purchasing the American dream shouldn’t be hard and not limited to U.S. citizens. The purchase and improvement of real estate helps the greater good.

We provide loans  as long as your investment is for the purposes of making money from it and it makes sound financial sense. This is just once reason why we specialize in hard money loans for real estate investors, foreign investors included!

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