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Direct, Or Hard Money Broker?

Should I work with a direct hard money lender or use a hard money broker?

There is no one size fits all answer to this question. But whether you decide to go directly to a hard money lender or use a Hard money broker like us, comes down to some pretty basic decisions. 

Do you want to go to a Hard money broker who has access to dozens, even hundreds of lenders and can use their network and the inherent lender competition as a means of driving down rates in order to get borrowers the best possible rates and loan terms?

Or do you like the idea of going directly to a lender and choosing from their smaller range of loan products?

Direct lenders will tell you that because the money is theirs, there is a higher chance the loans will close and be issued on time. But that’s a blanket statement  which does not necessarily apply.

At Jacksonville Hard Money Lenders we have long term working relationships with creditors all over the country and we only work with those who consistently close fast. 

Finally it should come as no surprise that as a long term Hard money broker with access to Dozens of capital sources around the U.S.,that we regularly are able to get better loan terms and lower rates than a direct lender who is relying from just one singular source of capital.

Hard Money Brokers Help You Avoid ‘shady’ Lenders

Hard money brokers protect you and ensure that your hard money loan comes from a reputable company that you can trust. A hard money broker acts as a type of quality verification service for you as a borrower because a hard money broker will not work with a lending source who fails to close, backs out or does anything else which will tarnish the brokers reputation.

So if you’re looking for local hard money brokers in Jacksonville, you should take some comfort in knowing that  a broker like Jacksonville Hard Money Lenders can ensure you will be borrowing from a reputable source.  We are hard money construction lenders, hard money residential lenders and hard money lenders against other types of commercial real estate.


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“Real professional outfit throughout the entire process from my loan application to getting funded. All my questions were answered. I’m now in the middle of a multifamily rehab which we are looking to sell within 6 months. And we already have a new deal we need more hard money for.”  

Timothy R. - Multifamily Deal Sponsor

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“My husband and I were rejected by our local bank for financing for a fix and flip project on our street. A friend suggested Jacksonville Hard Money Lenders. They explained everything really clearly. I have no idea that hard money was actually better for us because of how fast we wanted to sell.

Samantha K. - First Time Flipper

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